What No Ones Tells You About Creating Content.

This week I decided to address a question which any aspiring blogger or writer can identify with, why is no-one reading my content? As this reflects my own personal journey with generating a following for this blog, I thought I’d tackle the question head on. From previous research, I knew there was one man who kept popping up time and time again as a leader in this field…Neil Patel.

Type of Flare: Business

Owner of Flare: Entrepreneur and Network Marketing guru, Neil Patel.

Source: Podcast “Marketing School” (Link: Listen Here)

Key Snippet: “You have 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention”

Neil is the co-founder of 3 multi-million dollar companies and regularly helps companies like Amazon, NBC and HP grow their revenue. His expertise is internet marketing and has a real knack for getting eyeballs on the web! So he seemed like the right person to learn from.

This brings us nicely onto the question raised initially, “why is no-one reading my content?”.

You may immediately conjure up some of answers of your own, or it may have completely stumped you. Either way, there are definitely a few things we can all do to improve our audience chances!

Neil suggests that on average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, whereas only 2 out of 10 people will continue to read your article. This drop is quite staggering and whilst I knew there was a reduction in conversions, wasn’t expecting it to be quite so significant.

So why does this happen?

Neil talks about the need to stand out from the crowd and how people get easily bored when reading content. This may be due to the constant demands on our attention or, more specifically that the content is not engaging enough!

So the next time you open the newspaper or receive an email newsletter, take a moment to determine which headlines grab your attention and make you want to read the article.

This, Neil states, is the biggest part of generating an audience or readership; keeping people interested.

If you are creating content, as yourself this question: is my content awesome and interesting or am I being half arsed and mediocre?

One of the quickest ways to do this is to look at the top performers in your space and see what they are doing. How is the content formatted? Is the imagery complimentary? Does the content give off the right perception?

Each of these need to be answered with a resounding yes! If not, go back and tweak…

So let’s say you can create awesome content, how does one build an audience?

This is the hard bit! You can’t just expect to publish your content and expect people to flock to you. Neil suggests that the 80/20 rule applies here – writing content is only 20%, whilst reaching out to people is 80% (sometimes even 90%)!

In a world where everyone is looking for something, try the alternative approach: give something away. Following ‘ABG’ (“always be giving”) is a good mantra to follow here…reach out to people and give away. If there is someone you admire, reach out to them and offer to help. This could be a share, or offering further thoughts on an article they have written (think 10 things to do X, when you could suggest 21 things to do X).

By sending a quick note with your thoughts, you have started to build a relationship with them.

From here an email correspondence can begin and you can respond back with the 21 things of your own. But there are 2 things you can do here at the end of your email:

  1. Add a PS – this is a polite request to ask for sharing your own content will make your year / decade
  2. Add a PPS – ask if there is anything you can do in return.

The chances of having your content shared is increased significantly by offering to reciprocate!

So…are there any tools I can use to help master this?

A number of growth hacks are mentioned by Neil which we can all use:

  1. Hunter.io – Find useful email addresses
  2. Buzzsumo.com – Analyse what content performs best
  3. Search.twitter.com – See what is trending
  4. Mixmax.com – Email marketing tool
  5. MeetEdgar.com – Scheduling social media posts

Each one of these needs a time investment to get the most out of them. Sadly they are not a quick fix: install and watch the numbers rolls in. That said, by understanding your audience in greater detail and using data to refine your approach will only increase your chances!

The Knowledge Flare Comment:

So why is this important to me?

  • Build Relationships – This is important both in business and in our personal lives. By engaging with your audience and understanding what makes them tick, means you will have a greater connection and ultimately more eyeballs on what you produce.
  • Stand Out – By giving away time, attention or even money, you will differentiate yourself from a large proportion of the population. Doing a good deed or just offering to help means you will stand out. In the content world, make your content unique and awesome!

The world runs on relationships and engaging your audience is no different.

Good luck!

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