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Hello Friends,

Do you ever wish you knew more about a particular topic but don’t know where to find it? Ever fancied learning something new each week in an easy and digestible way?

Well I know how you feel…

But first, welcome to The Knowledge Flare! This a blog which shares knowledge hidden deep within the darkness of the internet superhighways and shares it with the world.

Our ethos is to uncover ‘information worth illuminating’ as keeping valuable insights to ourselves is just not fair!

So why are we called The Knowledge Flare you may ask?

Using the open seas as the example, when a ship is in distress, flares are set alight to attract rescuers to their location. We are not in distress but the same principle applies! By setting off a metaphorical knowledge flare, we will highlight information hidden out of sight that may not have been seen and can now be read.

Which leads me nicely on to the topic of this blog. I’m fascinated by the business world but especially entrepreneurs – those individuals who have taken a leap of faith and gone out on their own. I wanted to learn all I could about these icons and see if I could begin to understand how they do what they do.

But the challenge I faced was I love sport, and sport was becoming more and more time consuming. Studying for a nutrition certification, training for an Ironman and preparing for fitness transformation. All on top of a day job.

run selfie fitness
Going running this winter (it was cold!).

Therefore, the question was, is it possible to merge the learnings from both business and sports? Having read, listened and spoken to people in both fields I believed the answer was yes!

But why keep these interesting insights to myself?

That seemed selfish. And so, The Knowledge Flare (TKF) was born – a way to identify knowledge worth sharing hidden out of sight but that could benefit everyone.

Each week I will focus on a different aspect from either the Business or Sports world, and highlight the benefit in everyday life. Many times they will be intertwined, but all will be relevant and can applied by you and I.

So have a read, share it with friends and colleagues and forward to anyone who may find it useful. In return, all I ask is for you to please tell me what you like or could be better. And if you have any topics you would like to have highlighted in future flares, please feel free to let me know.

Be productive,

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About Me

Hi, I'm Brendan. Businessman, sportsman and dreamer. I write about information hidden deep within the darkness of the internet superhighways.